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Sept. 7, 2017 Issue

News coverage validates the meaningful work being done here. It brings the perspectives of Georgia State people onto the public agenda, and it helps to build recognition of our university regionally, nationally and internationally. This compilation of news clips from the Office of Public Relations and Marketing Communications highlights some of the most prominent recent stories that focus on or include Georgia State. Some of the story links below are only accessible with a subscription. To request an electronic copy of an article, email [email protected]


Stadium Formerly Known As Turner Field
Begins A New Chapter

Georgia State Stadium featured in an article about how it has transformed several times in less than a quarter century from a Olympic Stadium for track and field, to a field for major league baseball, to the university football team’s new 22,000-seat home.
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The Resegregation Of Jefferson County

Joseph Bagley, assistant professor of history and political science, in a story about how one Alabama town’s attempt to secede from the school district tells about the fragile process of racial integration in America.
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Harvey’s Financial Toll:
$80 Billion So Far In Damage, Second Only To Katrina

Rajeev Dhawan, director of the Economic Forecasting Center, in an article about how Hurricane Harvey is now the second most destructive storm in U.S. history, behind only Hurricane Katrina.
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Turner Field Transformed:
Georgia State Stadium Officially Opens

A report on the official opening of Georgia State Stadium on Aug. 31. The game marked the first time the football team played in a home of its own.
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Political Analyst: Rescinding DACA A “Gambler’s Move”

Daniel Franklin, associate professor of political science, in a story about the White House’s decision to rescind President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
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Q&A With Georgia State University’s
Mark Becker, 2017 Most Admired CEO

President Mark Becker featured in an article about his recognition on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s list of Atlanta’s Most Admired CEOs of 2017.
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Atlanta Mayoral Field Set
As Candidates Face City In Transition

Harvey Newman, professor emeritus at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, in an article about how the field of candidates to be the next mayor of Atlanta is set, but the winner will more than likely be decided in a runoff instead of the general election.
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Can Ex-Militants, And Their Redemption Stories,
Stop Anyone From Joining Islamic State?

John Horgan, professor of global studies and psychology, in an opinion piece about how disillusioned extremists are enlisted as credible voices against terrorism and put to work persuading others to rethink their flirtation with political violence, even though there is little to no credible data to back up that it works.
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Microscopic Lasers May
Stop Tumours Spreading Around The Body

A report on a new study that shows a nanolaser known as the spaser can serve as a super-bright, water-soluble, biocompatible probe capable of finding metastasized cancer cells in the blood stream and then killing these cells. The study was also been highlighted in Nature and CBC Radio Canada, among others.
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Amazon’s Whole Foods Deal Could Still Be Reversed Thanks To Forgotten Antitrust Case

Ramsi Woodcock, professor of legal studies, in an opinion piece in which he discussed reasons The Federal Trade Commission can reverse course in the deal that allowed Amazon to take ownership of Whole Foods.
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Georgia State’s Takeover Of The Braves’ Stadium Shows How Far The Panthers Have Come

Georgia State featured in an article about how far the university has come since the football program started in 2010.
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Family Well-Being Grows
Faster When Wives Earn More Than Husbands: Study

Economics Professors Julie Hotchkiss and Robert Moore in an article about their study that shows family welfare — an economic measure of satisfaction, well-being or “happiness” — grew faster during the last two decades in U.S. households where wives earned higher wages than their husbands.
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Premium Increases For Georgia’s 2018
Exchange May Not Be Over

Bill Custer, a health insurance expert at Georgia State, in an article about the four insurers offering coverage in Georgia’s insurance exchange next year increasing their proposed rates beyond the big premium hikes thathey first sought.
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The Braves’ New World

Tim Kellison, assistant professor of sports administration, in a story about how the $1.2-billion SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta complex are a template for stadiums of the future.
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