Top National and Regional News Coverage

July 13, 2017 Issue

News coverage validates the meaningful work being done here. It brings the perspectives of Georgia State people onto the public agenda, and it helps to build recognition of our university regionally, nationally and internationally. This compilation of news clips from the Office of Public Relations and Marketing Communications highlights some of the most prominent recent stories that focus on or include Georgia State. Some of the story links below are only accessible with a subscription. To request an electronic copy of an article, email [email protected]


Northeast Georgia Mountains Provide
Prime Views of Eclipse

Georgia State in an article about the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21. Georgia State astronomers will host an OutASight Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Party, where jumbotrons linked to NASA will help guide the event.
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Georgia’s Health Commissioner Named To Lead C.D.C.

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, public health commissioner of Georgia and a Georgia State alumna, in articles across the nation this week after she was selected as the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation’s top public health post. She earned her bachelor of science degree in microbiology from Georgia State.
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Is This The End Of The Crusade
For Gender-Equal Curricula?

Chara Haeussler Bohan, professor in the department of middle and secondary education, in an article about the crusade to acknowledge women’s contributions to history in classroom curricula. 
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What Does It Mean To Be Called A ‘Trainee’?

Paula Stephan, professor of economics, in a story about whether early career researchers, including postdocs and graduate students, should be thought about as workforce or as trainees.
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Isakson, Perdue Aim To Aid
Georgia’s Charity Hospitals In Health Bill

Bill Custer, associate professor and director of the Center for Health Services Research, in an article about Georgia U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue looking to secure last-minute benefits for Georgia’s sickest children and some of the state’s medical providers ahead of possible federal changes in healthcare law.
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GDOT: No Idea Off The Table
In Fixing Downtown Connector Traffic

Joseph Hacker, a specialist in city planning, in an article about the Georgia Department of Transportation being in the midst of a three-year study focused on relieving congestion on the Downtown Connector.
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Study: Marijuana Use Increases
Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

Barbara Yankey, doctoral student in the School of Public Health, in a story about a study that shows the longer a person uses marijuana, the more it increases his or her risk of metabolic syndrome.
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Crews Removing Turner Field Sign From Stadium

A story about Georgia State removing the Turner Field sign from the university’s new stadium.
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Atlanta Arbitration Center Enlists International
Pros To Raise Profile Overseas

A report on The Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation assembling an arbitrators’ council with top European arbitrators—including a former U.S. ambassador, Charles Adams, and a leader of the ICC Court of Arbitration in Paris, Wendy Miles QC—to promote its reputation as an arbitral venue abroad.

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GSU To Hold Conference Examining
Hip-Hop, Social Justice

A story about a two-day conference at Georgia State that examined hip-hop music, politics and social justice.

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Georgia Film Academy Helps
Fill Industry’s Workforce Gap

Katrina Dygart, a film major at Georgia State, in a story about the Georgia Film Academy.
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Georgia State Choir Wins
Global Competition in Germany 

Deanna Joseph, associate professor in the School of Music, in an article about the GSU Singers winning the Marktoberdorf International Chamber Choir Competition in Germany.
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Opinion: Atlanta’s Historic North Hall Should Be Restored And Saved

Timothy J. Crimmins, professor of history and director of the Center for Neighborhood and Metropolitan Studies, in an opinion piece about restoring North Hall, the oldest surviving of the two original buildings of Atlanta University.

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