Our Team

Vice President Public Relations and Marketing CommunicationsDon Hale

Vice President
Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Office Phone: 404-413-3494
Cell Phone: 512-657-9896
Email: dhale@gsu.edu


Main Phone: 404-413-3025

Andrea Jones Thornton
Associate Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing Communications, 404-413-1351

William Inman
Editor, Georgia State University Magazine, 404-413-1355

Basil Iskandrian
Manager, Visual Concepts, 404-413-1549

Meg Buscema 
Photographer Supervisor, 404-413-1368

Carolyn Richardson
Photographer II, 404-413-1369

Steve Thackston    
Photographer II, 404-413-1378

Chandler Brown
Administrative Communications, 404-413-1361

Andrew Schmidt
Director of Communications for Development and Alumni Affairs

Terry Coniglio
Social Media Coordinator, 404-413-1356

Barbara Tushbant
Homepage Editor, 404-413-1371

LaTina Emerson
Public Relations Specialist, 404-413-1353

Jeremy Craig
Public Relations Specialist, 404-413-1374

Leah Seupersad
Public Relations Coordinator, 404-413-1354

Student Assistants:

Shaberon Starks

Photography Student Assistant

Alaa Belkasim

DAL Student Assistant

Taylor Armagost

Social Media Student Assistant

Elijah Watkins

Social Media Student Assistant

Donte Brown

Social Media Student Assistant

Joey Kopanski

Videography Student Assistant

College and School Communicators:

Jenifer Shockley
Office of Communications & Marketing, Robinson College of Business, 404-413-7078

Ann Claycombe
Director of Communications, College of Arts and Sciences, 404-413-5047

Wendy Reiser Cromwell 
Director of Communications, College of Law, 404-413-9050

Jennifer French Giarratano
Public Relations Manager, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, 404-413-0028

Angela Arnold Go
Director of Communications, Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, 404-413-1083

Annahita Jimmerson 
Public Relations Coordinator, Honors College, 404-413-5571

Anna Varela
Director of Communications, School of Public Health, 404-413-1504

Angela Turk
Director of Communications, College of Education, 404-413-8114

Student Assistants:

Joey Kopanski
Videographer Student Assistant, 404-413-1392

Lauren Montogomery
Editorial Student Assistant, 404-413-1392

Ellen Powell
Director of Branding and Creative Services, 404-413-1352

Renata Irving
Associate Director of Creative Services, 404-413-1363

Autumn Baskin
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1375

Pam Scheier Lang  
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1366

Jinah Lee 
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1364

Matt McCullin
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1362

Eric Reber   
Digital Assets Archivist, 404-413-1365

Benjamin Hodges
Publications Spec III, 404-413-1357

Student Assistants:

Graham Robson

Design Student Assistant

Cody Benson
Director of Digital Strategy, 404-413-4381

Monaco Jones
Interactive Support Specialist, 404-413-1469

Dan Stevens
Web Developer, Intermediate, 404-413-1390

LisaMarie Rudolph

Digital Analyst, 404-413-4384

Kirsten Soriano
Director, University Events, 404-413-1377

Margaret McIntyre
Administrative Coordinator, 404-413-1372

Jessie Weintraub
Assistant Director, 404-413-1350

Virginia Brown
Public Relations Coordinator, 404-413-1359

Christopher Robertson Sr.
Events Coordinator, 404-413-2256

                   Student Assistants:

Sigourney Tremeau Events Student Assistant, 404-413-1395

Isaiah Brown Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

Bryan Thomas Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

David Ajimotokin Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

Susan Toohey Hannan
Division Administrative Officer, 404-413-1430

Leslie Williams
Business Affairs Coordinator