Our Team

Vice President Public Relations and Marketing CommunicationsDon Hale

Vice President
Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Office Phone: 404-413-3494
Cell Phone: 512-657-9896
Email: dhale@gsu.edu


Main Phone: 404-413-3025

Andrea Jones Thornton
Associate Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing Communications, 404-413-1351

William Inman
Editor, Georgia State University Magazine, 404-413-1355

Basil Iskandrian
Manager, Visual Concepts, 404-413-1549

Meg Buscema 
Photographer Supervisor, 404-413-1368

Carolyn Richardson
Photographer II, 404-413-1369

Steve Thackston    
Photographer II, 404-413-1378

Chandler Brown
Administrative Communications, 404-413-1361

Terry Coniglio
Social Media Coordinator, 404-413-1356

LaTina Emerson
Public Relations Specialist, 404-413-1353

Jeremy Craig
Public Relations Specialist, 404-413-1374

Leah Seupersad
Public Relations Coordinator, 404-413-1354

College and School Communicators:

Jenifer Shockley
Office of Communications & Marketing, Robinson College of Business, 404-413-7078

Ann Claycombe
Director of Communications, College of Arts and Sciences, 404-413-5047

Wendy Reiser Cromwell 
Director of Communications, College of Law, 404-413-9050

Jennifer French Giarratano
Public Relations Manager, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, 404-413-0028

Angela Arnold Go
Director of Communications, Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, 404-413-1083

Annahita Jimmerson 
Public Relations Coordinator, Honors College, 404-413-5571

Anna Varela
Director of Communications, School of Public Health, 404-413-1504

Angela Turk
Director of Communications, College of Education, 404-413-8114

Student Assistants:

Joey Kopanski
Videographer Student Assistant, 404-413-1392

Lauren Montogomery
Editorial Student Assistant, 404-413-1392

Johnny Self
Social Media Student Assistant, 404-413-1392

Ellen Powell
Director of Branding and Creative Services, 404-413-1352

Renata Irving
Assistant Director of Creative Services, 404-413-1363

Autumn Baskin
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1375

Pam Scheier Lang  
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1366

Jinah Lee 
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1364

Matt McCullin
Senior Design Coordinator, 404-413-1362

Eric Reber   
Digital Assets Archivist, 404-413-1365

Student Assistants:

Judy Kim
Student Assistant for Photography, 404-413-3025

Cody Benson
Director of Digital Strategy, 404-413-4381

Student Assistants:

Monaco Jones
Interactive Support Specialist, 404-413-1469

Colleen Geary
Director, University Events, 404-413-1373

Kirsten Soriano
Assistant Director, 404-413-1377

Jessie Weintraub
Assistant Director, 404-413-1350

Margaret McIntyre
Administrative Coordinator, 404-413-1372

Virginia Brown
Public Relations Coordinator, 404-413-1359

Christopher Robertson Sr.
Events Coordinator, 404-413-2256

                   Student Assistants:

Sigourney Tremeau Events Student Assistant, 404-413-1395

Isaiah Brown Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

Sonia Flowers Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

Renea Freeman Events Student Assistant, 404-413-2743

Susan Toohey Hannan
Division Administrative Officer, 404-413-1430

Leslie Williams
Business Affairs Coordinator

Student Assistants:

Brandon Savransky
Student Assistant, 404-413-3025